07 February, 2013


General Economics-I:
  • For Micro: Koutsoyyiannis, Ahuja or any other good book
  • For Macro: Shapiro, Dornbusch and Fischer, Ahuja
  • Referring to Books of Class 11th and 12th NCERT Maths book is also necessary
  • Refer Class 12th book of CBSE for National Income Accounting

General Economics-II:
  • For Monetary topics refer to SB Gupta (For both) RBI Report and M L Jhingan
  • For International Economics prescribe Mannur, Soderston or any other book
  • For Growth and Development refer to Baldwin, Meir and M L Jhingan and go through any one or two latest book of Amratya Sen
  • For Statistics refer to Class 11th and 12th NCERT books as well as some chapters of any graduation level statistics book or Gujarati-Econometrics book

General Economics-III:
  • For Public Finance refer to  Bhatia and one good book of foreign author Indian
    For Economy refer to the  Planning chapters of Uma Kapila
    For Environmental Economics refer to various books on topic wise coverage
Indian Economics:
  • For Indian Economy refer to books by  Dutt and Sundaram, Mishra & Puri, A N Agrawala, Uma Kapila
  • Thorough study of Economic Survey of last two years, Budget of3 years is very important and latest two Monetary & Credit Policy (mid term and annual), Latest data about CRR, SLR and Repos rate should be known
  • Intensive study on different reports like Human Development Report, World Development Reports (available on net) and many other good reports including report and papers by United Nations Environment Programme will help in GE-III paper, as questions are highly unconventional in paper III of Economics.

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